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Laminas Project is the new name for the Zend Framework. It has fully transformed and is now administered by the Linux Foundation. The most important thing to remember about the transition is that the Zend Framework is still present. However, in order to obtain security updates, bug fixes, and new features for your PHP Zend Framework, you must migrate it to the Laminas project packages. The Laminas project is essentially a continuation of the Zend Framework. This PHP framework, which most developers are familiar with and appreciate, is still used by reputable businesses to offer a variety of applications such as E-commerce, healthcare, content management, entertainment, and communications. The presence of a large community is a significant benefit that adds to the general advancement of the framework. Laminas is essentially the next stage in the evolution of the PHP Zend Framework.

The Zend Framework is a professional PHP package collection with over 570 million installations. It may be used to create online apps and services with PHP 5.6+ and delivers 100% object-oriented programming while utilising a wide range of language capabilities. It is a PHP framework that is open source. It is entirely object-oriented and is based on the MVC design paradigm. The Zend framework is a set of PHP packages that may be used to create online applications and services. The Laminas framework includes components for every PHP application, such as dependency injection, event dispatchers, input validation and filtering, pagination and navigation, feed creation and parsing, and much more.

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