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The idea of responsive web design proposes that design and development should react to the user's behaviour and surroundings based on screen size, platform, and orientation. The technique combines flexible grids and layouts, pictures, and the judicious use of CSS media queries. When a user moves from a laptop to an iPad, the website should adjust to fit resolution, picture size, and scripting capabilities. One should also examine the settings on their devices; the website should not prevent the user from accessing the page. The website should be equipped with technology that responds immediately to the user's choices, avoiding the need for a separate design and development procedure for each new device on the market.

Google made a modification to its search engine algorithms in 2015, which now considers a website's mobile presence as a ranking indication. The occasion was appropriately dubbed Mobilegeddon. This point alone should be enough to convince you that responsive design is essential!

Basically, a smartphone-friendly website is required. If it is not, your company may be losing leads and sales. In fact, 40% of consumers have switched to a competitor's website following a bad mobile experience.

Design components seen in a mobile responsive website include:

  1. Text that can be read without the need of zooming in
  2. Enough room for tap targets
  3. There is no horizontal scrolling

The most important advantage of a responsive style is that it ensures that every user on any device will have the greatest possible experience on your website. And, most importantly, the most consistent.

Website responsiveness is also a fantastic method to optimise your site's content, ensuring that users using mobile devices only view the most important information.

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