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Despite its reputation as a challenging language, PHP has emerged as one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages today.
Irrespective of rumours that it has been surpassed by newer competitors such as Javascript or Python, PHP continues to gain popularity year after year.

PHP, which began as an outgrowth of C, is one of the earliest languages geared for a web development environment. WordPress, one of the most popular online hosting and development engines, is written in PHP. With WordPress powering over 30% of the world's websites, it's safe to assume that PHP may be found in a variety of locations if you seek it.

A PHP developer is primarily a software developer who is knowledgeable in PHP and the numerous technologies that may be created with it. A PHP developer is considered a backend developer by default since they are likely to have familiarity with the following backend technologies – Linux, Apache, MySQL.

These are the fundamental components of the well-known LAMP stack. Furthermore, because PHP is primarily used for dealing with business logic, PHP engineers frequently branch out into other languages such as JavaScript.

Due to its easy to use interface and affordability PHP is preferred by most developers. PHP design and development companies in India< use programming languages such as Codeigniter, Zend (aka Laminas) framework and Laravel to design and develop high quality websites. It is easy to learn and therefore not a lot of time is lost in searching for the right talent for it. Since it is an old platform, there are a lot of guides and documentation easily available to learn from. Owing to it being an open source programming language, it can be used across the world without any cost involved. Websites developed on PHP can handle a whole of data and therefore are perfect for the current needs of a brand or business. PHP developed websites are convenient where high speed internet is a luxury, as they load faster.

Judging by the long list of advantages in using PHP, you may want to consider looking for the right PHP developer for you. It suits the marketplace of India, where value for money is of utmost importance. Whether your website is content heavy or your internet connection is unstable, you can rely on PHP developed websites. With PHP you can design responsive websites and apps that are accessible to end users and compatible with all devices and platforms. You can create scalable websites and apps that are adaptable to the needs of your organisation. Make your website and app load faster and provide a better user experience.

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