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PWAs leverage cutting-edge technologies to bring the best of online and mobile apps together. Progressive web apps may be the mobile web's next big thing. They were first presented by Google in 2015 and have already garnered much attention because to their relative ease of creation and near-instant improvements to the application's user experience.

PWAs are web applications designed with an unique set of technologies and patterns that enable them to leverage both web and native app functionalities. For instance, web applications are more discoverable than native apps; visiting a website is much quicker and faster than installing an application; and you can easily share web apps via a link.

Native apps, on the other hand, are more tightly linked with the operating system and so provide a more seamless user experience. You may install a native app to enable offline functionality, and consumers enjoy touching their icons to quickly access their favourite apps rather than travelling to them through a browser.

PWAs enable us to design web apps that share these benefits.

This is not a novel concept—similar concepts have been rehashed numerous times on the web platform using a variety of ways in the past. We can currently construct mobile-friendly websites using progressive enhancement and responsive design.

PWAs, on the other hand, accomplish all of this and more without jeopardising any of the existing characteristics that contribute to the web's greatness.

What qualifies an application as a PWA?

As alluded to previously, PWAs are not constructed using a single technology. They embody a novel approach to web application development, incorporating a number of distinct patterns, APIs, and other characteristics. It's not immediately evident whether a web app is a PWA or not. When an app satisfies certain requirements or implements a set of specified features, such as working offline, being installable, being simple to synchronise, and being capable of sending push notifications, it is deemed a PWA.

Additionally, there are methods available to determine the completeness (as a percentage) of an online application, such as Lighthouse. By incorporating numerous technological advantages, we can increase the progressiveness of an app, resulting in a higher Lighthouse score. However, this is merely a preliminary estimate.
The government is heavily pushing research parks, technology business incubators (TBIs), and research parks (RPs), all of which foster innovative ideas until they mature into commercial companies.

The government announced an allocation of Rs. 14,794.03 crore (US$ 2.02 billion) to the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Union Budget 2021-22. NITI Aayog's National Artificial Intelligence Strategy offered a path ahead for leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a variety of disciplines. Accenture's latest AI research studies provide a methodology for measuring the economic impact of AI on selected G20 countries, forecasting that AI will boost India's annual growth rate by 1.3 percentage points by 2035.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research is responsible for the operation of 37 national laboratories and 39 outreach centres. India is ranked tenth in the International Telecommunication Union's Global Cybersecurity Index 2020.