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While factors such as increased wireless broadband, smartphone adoption, and the rise of the digital economy provide a strong supporting infrastructure, innovations on the part of e-retailers, such as AI technology and augmented reality, have helped push newer categories onto the online marketplace, contributing to growth.

Web Design And Development Is New Future For Furniture Industry

Furniture is such an area that has seen tremendous expansion in the internet world over the last few years, accelerated by the epidemic.

Although the Indian digital furniture market accounts for less than 3% of the organized furniture sector overall, it has grown at a rate of 30%-40% year on year for the last five years. The year 2020 had some outstanding advancements by important participants, which fuelled the boom even more.

One of the primary elements pushing the transition of furniture commerce from conventional brick-and-mortar locations to the internet realm is the technological advancements enabled by current eCommerce platforms. From well-organized product listings and segmentation by color, purpose, and area to the usage of augmented and virtual reality, internet shopping is currently providing consumers with a relatively close and immersive purchasing experience.

For instance, apps and websites now enable consumers to set up a comprehensive home/office using augmented reality and virtual reality, assisting them in visualizing and selecting the ideal pieces of furniture.

Online retailers are able to give consumers tailored solutions based on their preferences due to data-driven analyses and well-researched consumer purchasing trends. Customers can now specify the fabric and color of upholstery for their furniture to fit their interiors, or even select sustainable/green furniture designs depending on their personal preferences. This is only evidence that this is the time to design and develop the website for your furniture business if you haven’t yet.