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The Education Industry In India

India is a global education powerhouse. India boasts one of the world's largest higher education networks. But the school system still has a lot of room for improvement.

With ~26.31 percent of India's population aged 0-14, the education sector is ripe for expansion. India has the world's largest population of 5-24-year-olds, providing a significant opportunity for the education industry.

According to KPMG, India is now the second-largest E-learning market behind the US. From $247 million and 1.6 users in 2016, the sector is predicted to reach $1.96 billion in 2021 with 9.6 million users.

Web Design And Development Is New Future For Education Industry

Along with websites and we apps and innovative education methodologies like E-learning and M-learning, the government is adopting several programs to improve the distance education business.

The education sector has experienced numerous reforms and increased funding in recent years, transforming the country into a knowledge sanctuary. Given the importance of human resources in the country's overall growth, education infrastructure development is projected to remain a priority in the coming decade. In this scenario, education infrastructure spending is projected to expand significantly over the next decade.

Numerous educational institutions lack adequate metrics and the ability to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing activities. At Inventif Web, we assist educational institutions in enhancing their data and analytics functionality and making more informed decisions about how to engage their users with Web design and development. We employ marketing automation to track user and lead behavior and to develop more accurate segmentation models, resulting in more relevant communications for learners, stakeholders, former students, and supporters.